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“Gracious Lightness” - a statement piece like a warm & fresh spring breeze. Inspired by the springtime, this composition combines quiet elegance with the playful lightness of blossoming flowers. This harmonious and lighthearted piece of art is painted in light and fresh tones of mint green, gold, apricot, exuding warmth, elegance & ease.

„Belonging to yourself“ is the 2nd painting of my new series. I love the dreamy and harmonious energy that the warm tones of blue, gold and cream radiate. Soon to be available for purchase on my website. 80x120cm

Gallery O making it real with their unique combinations of glass art and paintings. This is a first glance on the most likely glass-art-partners for my paintings. Love it so much and I‘m truly honored to stand next to these jaw-dropping artworks of @raiffeglass, @baluchmarzenaKrzeminska & @haruna_ohki! If you are around in the area @ascona_locarno give them a visit to see all the amazing artworks!

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