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80x120cm  - original oil painting by Jana Gaul.


„Belonging to yourself“ is a harmonious version of a statement piece in this series. It’s inpired by the peaceful & deeply connected state of being your true authentic self. In this state of belonging, there's a clarity that cuts through the noise of everyday life.


You know what truly matters to you, and you have the courage to pursue it wholeheartedly. It's a feeling of empowerment, as if you're standing on solid ground, rooted in your own truth.


At the same time, there's a sense of expansiveness and possibility. You're open to growth and change with dreams blooming in your heart like flowers.


It’s this moment of peace, clarity and hopeful dreams that inspired this piece of art. The warm tones of blue, gold and cream radiate harmonious and dreamy energy.


Painted on 4,5cm deep gallery-wrapped canvas. Ready to hang. Signed on front, signed & dated on back. 


Belonging to yourself


Within EU: shipping included in purchase price. Ships within 5 working days.

Outside EU: additional shipping charges are 300€ and will be added at checkout. Purchasers are responsible for all additional customs/fees upon receipt of painting. For more info about customs duties, please contact the customs officials in your country.

For more information or inquiries please contact me:

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